Escape room game with real animals

Play escape room game at a farm among real animals!

Tornio, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Farm Escape is an escape room game at a small farm. Your team will be locked in a the stable and you have 60 minutes time to solve the mystery. When you solve problems and puzzles you are able to open locks and free little animals such as bunnies, chicken and ducks to the game.

Escape room experiences are fun for everyone, also for families with children. You don’t need any physical strength, but logical reasoning, creativity and teamwork. The gamemaster will be following your progress from another room via cameras and will help you forward with hints if needed.

One hour goes by fast, so the question is; can your team solve the mystery in time?

About Liisa - the Doer

Farm Escape Tornio started animal escape room games in 2017 as a first one in the world. We have one escape room game at a time and we will change the game at least once in a year. We love to offer this unique farm experience to others! We hope you also follow us on social media and YouTube. We also teach other farms how to start an escape farm and we license our games for them too.

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