Lunch with Riitta - live like a local

Eating local lunch with Riitta

Tohmajärvi, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and German
2 hours
20 spots per experience
June - September
25€ / person
15€ / children

What are we going to do

You will eat lunch (Riitta cook herself, bake the bread herself) with Riitta; main course and dessert with coffee. Riitta will offer local specialities made by tradition.

About Riitta - the Doer

I worked almost 20 years in hotel- and restaurant business, then I studied to nutrition expert and started my own company. Few years ago I had my friend from Austria with me at my place ans she said "can you imagine, what a place you have", I have been here only 2 days and I'm so relaxed. That was "the open" for my coming business. Now I can be the hole summer in my own lovely place and offer the same many customers, that they will have the same feeling and get the energy.


Please come hungry!

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