Experience the fresh air, sounds of nature and the scent of

The Quiet People - The Silent People, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
15 hours
8 spots per experience
June - September

What are we going to do

Overnight in a haybarn takes you back to times when Finland got it’s indepencendy, hundred years ago. At that time there was no machinery used in farming, it was just the farmer´s family who did all the work in collecting and drying the hay for horses and life stock for winter, staying overnight in storages which were built from axe-carved logs.

As the location of the hay barn is by the famous The Silent People – art attraction, consisting of hundreds of hay heads, so we can guarantee that these guys won´t disturb your night sleep! All, what you need to bring yourself is sleeping bag (or blankets).

Mosquito net, evening snack and breakfast is included. Accommondation itself is free of charge!

About Hiljaisen Kansan Niittykahvila - the Doer

My roots are very deep in hay field and I find myself here again. I started the Silent People Meadow Cafe over 20 years ago and I am so lucky to do this with my heart and follow my instinct in a way of sustainability and locality. In summer 2020 we were grounded Visit Finland´s Sustainable Travel badge and in Autumn, the price of most tasteful countryside company in Kainuu region. Sustainable development is the process, which goes on all the time.
I enjoy so much every customer who comes and stays with us for a while, give their time and feel the atmosphere. It is so nice to see happy faces.


Sleeping in hay barn is not a good idea, if you are allergic.
All you need is bring your sleeping bag and some warm clothes if the night is chilly.

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