Travel in time and hear some stories at the Old Market Hall

Taste Market Hall history and products

Tampere, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and German
1 hour
10 spots per experience
Regular price: 25 €
Children: 10 €

What are we going to do

Join me to hear some stories and try some specialities at the Tampere Market Hall! Our beloved “hall” celebrated its 120th birthday last summer. It is the largest indoor market hall in Scandinavia and a lively place to buy food and have a cup of coffee or lunch. Chat with the salespeople or local customers sitting in one of the cafes, and try some cheese with wine or coffee with traditional Finnish buns and cakes. You also get to taste traditional black sausage made in Tampere!
You can buy your fish, meat, bread and vegetables here to cook at home, or enjoy a more modern lunch on site, like home-made burgers or sushi.
Ask for family and group prices.

About Pirjo - the Doer

I am an enthusiast in introducing my home town to visitors using different languages. I have lived in the area since I was 15 and just love Tampere. My passion is to share its nicest corners with visitors from far and near. Experiencing the old-fashioned and cosy atmosphere with a modern twist at Market Hall takes you away from the busy city life for a moment.


You need to be able to walk in the Market Hall. We will have a break to taste some products and then you can sit down to rest.
Accessible for wheel chair.




Ryhmämme koostui pääosin 18-vuotiaista matkailualan opiskelijoista, jotka olivat kauppahallissa ensimmäistä kertaa elämässään. Pirjo sai kierroksellaan välitettyä kauppahallin ihanan tunnelman opastettaville ja kaikille jäi positiivinen mielikuva. Alennukset yhteistyökumppaneilta olivat kiva lisä ja useampikin lähti kauppahallista herkkukassi kädessään. Kiitos Pirjo!


Kiva kierros.


Kiitos kivasta kierroksesta, tuli sopivasti uutta tietoa ( ei liikaa, jotta voi muista nuo mainiot kertomukset vielä jälkeenkinpäin). Ihan vamasti poikkean kauppahalliin jatkossakin. Kiitos vielä.


We had a great time on Pirjo's English speaking tour. There were excellent stories, more than a few delicious things to taste and this was an overall fun thing to do in Tampere. We live in the city but learned many new things during this interactive tour. Pirjo is an excellent guide. Warmly recommend to others!
Pirjo Pirjo Thank you, Meeria <3 See you at the Market Hall!


Tunti meni tosiaan nopeasti. Tutusta paikasta oli mukava kuulla uusiakin juttuja hyvän opastuksen myötä. Kiitos 🥰 Kaarina
Pirjo Pirjo Kiitos :) Nähdään taas kauppahallissa!

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