Come and see the wonders and stories on the night sky

Tampere, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
6 spots per experience
September - October

What are we going to do

We head to a dark place on the Kangasala (exact location will beinformed to participants).
There we can admire the Milky Way and other objects in the starry sky away from the light pollution of the city.
We look at these objects with the naked eye and with binoculars and a telescope.
We enjoy the silence and peace of nature and hear myths about the sky

About Tapio - the Doer

I am a long-time star enthusiast - even as a small boy I was interested in the starry sky.
I remember the first time when I was a kid on the snowpack
I saw the rings of Saturn.
Now as an adult, my enthusiasm flared up again at the beginning of the millennium
and I specialize in deep sky imaging.
The national star association Ursa awarded me
Stella Arcti Award for meritorious observational activity 10 years ago.
In addition, the star image I took was NASA's APOD
(Astronomy Picture of the Day) site.
Only less than 10 Finnish enthusiasts have received this honor.

I have been observing and photographing the sun and space for over 20 years.
All the images in this page are taken by me.

Now with introductory price.


It can be cool at night so dressing warmly (layering) is important.
You should be prepared with a sleeping pad (even sleeping bag could be useful).
Because it is dark, a headlamp is also a good accessory (red light helps preserve night vision).
You should bring a warm thermos and maybe a small snack.
There is also a fire place in so you can bring sausage or something similar.
There is a dry toilet on the beach.




Todella mukava retki! Paljon hyvää tietoa rennolla otteella tähdistä 😊
Tapio Tapio Kiitos teille. Oli mukava olla teidän kanssa. Kirkas taivas ja muutamia kirkkaita tähdenlentoja. Hyviä kysymyksiä teillä.

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