Tour in Helvetinjärvi National Park

Traveling to Helvetinjärvi national park for a day trip.

Tampere, Finland
Available in English
6 hours
4 spots per experience
Regular price: 140 €
Children: 70 €

What are we going to do

If the days and time are not what you hoped for please make contact to design a more personalized tour for your needs.

Meeting in Tampere at the agreed time unless agreed otherwise. (Personal pickup can also be arranged throughout Tampere)
Arriving to the national park takes just over 1 hour.
Having a brief talk about the safety regulations and getting our bags ready.
Depending on the time of year we will either hike or snowshoe walk.
We will take a nice adventure through this wonderful place, looking at the scenes and possible wildlife. We will make a fire (according to regulations, time of the year and fees paid) eat sausage, drink hot juice / coffee.
Taking pictures along the way to make your trip memorable, if you don't want to focus on images leave the picture taking to me and I will hand these to you via one drive link.
head back to the vehicle after about 5 - 6 hours depending on the pace
Quick coffee, pack our items and one final check to make sure we are all here.

About Seventen Tours - the Doer

I have lived in Tampere for 12 years and have been a tour guide in various parts of Finland.
Ranging from Aurora chasing, snowmobile safaris, bike riding, hiking, snowshoe walking and photography tours.
I have a great passion for photography, aurora, and the outdoors.
I am currently studying as a nature guide and am planning my business start up for the Summer of 2022.
I hold the correct safety cards for this for example.
Hygiene pass
Tourism safety
First Aid EA1 and EA2
Driving licence and valid insurance for traveling with customers.


We are heading out for an activity that requires a fair bit of walking and there is many steps and slopes along the way. The activity will be under 12km and there will be plenty of stopping along the way.
Remember to bring along personal snacks, drinks, medications. Though I will bring along hot juice / coffee and sausages some people may require a little something else.

During the Summer months the activity level of mosquitos are pretty high. Antihistamines and or creams might be advised if you're sensitive to their bites.

I will always carry a first aid kit and am currently studying as a nature guide so I am very experienced in the outdoors.




Highly recommended tour! Patrick is excellent guide with lot of knowledge and patience
Seventen Tours Seventen Tours Thank you, it was great to have you on this tour.


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