Experience specialist on team learnig

Let's discuss and wonder what is team learning all about!?

Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
50 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Invite an experience expert to discuss and share insights about the team learning model! Together, we will experience a moment that opens up the possibilities of the team learning model and challenges from the learner's point of view. I'll tell you about my experiences and give way to questions and reflections.

Many learners are wondering whether to move or not to more inclusive learning, the model of team learning. This raises a lot of wonder and questions. The transition can be facilitated by the understanding of the learner's perspective and the sharing of team building experiences. I bring a view of the model from the grassroots to your circle of doctrine or meeting.

We can arrange a moment together through Zoom or Teams from anywhere in the world.

About Johanna - the Doer

I have waded through high school, vocational school and polytechnic and experienced frustration and powerlessness in each of these. I've been through the fact that studying isn't for me. Now, however, for the first time in my schooling as a re-studying changer in secondary school, I experience a new kind of inclusion and meaningfulness towards the learning path. This is thanks to the team learning model.

I understand and see the challenges of the model, but I also experience its potential first-hand. The model of team learning inspires me as a way to study, which is why I feel the need to share my experience as a team student. I want the people in the institutes who are planning or have already moved on to the model to discuss grassroots experiences and, hopefully, also to ease their own path in it. Sharing increases understanding and team learning increases the opportunities for learning at its best.

I am inspired by the idea that people would find their own functionality and potential instead of taught passivity.

Let's talk and wonder together!


Possibility to attend a Zoom or Teams meeting.