City Whispers - Unique guided tour

Welcome to listen ordinary people's extraordinary stories.

Tampere, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
15 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Tampere has thousands of citizens. So it has thousands stories, wait to be heared.
Now you have a great opportunity to hear some of those with City Whispers guided tour.
There are varied tours with different themes and different locations, so you can come again and again and hear different stories every time.
Let me take you through decades to bring people's tales alive.

About Jenny - the Doer

I love guided tours, especially a little bit extraordinary ones. I wanted to bring community dimension to my own tour. My journey as a guide has just begun this spring 2022 and I hope it will gather people together.


I cannot quarantee unobstructed route but I will try my best.
Age limit: not recommended under 10 years old




Olipa virkistävän erilainen kierros tutustua Tampereen ydinkeskustaan tavallisten ihmisten tarinoiden kautta! Samalla ehti ottaa kuvia maisemista ja askeliakin kertyi sopiva määrä.
Jenny Jenny Kiitos Pirjo palautteestasi ❤ Oli suuri ilo olla oppaana sinulle ja ystävillesi. Antoisaa kesää teille.


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