Traditional Finnish grouse hunting experience

Experience a traditional Finnish grouse hunting

Tampere, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
7 hours
4 spots per experience
September - October

What are we going to do

Have you ever thought of going hunting or are you experienced hunter yourself and want to try something new? Do you like to go outside, enjoy fresh air and walk outside of the trails? Then continue reading.

A grouse hunting day will start in the morning from Tampere, where you will be picked up from your location, and after around 1 hour drive we will arrive at the hunting ground. Once we arrive the woods we will go after the grouses, walking slowly in the woods hoping to get some action. After couple of hours of hunting, we will stop for a lunch break, where guide will cook some lunch on open fire by a small lake. After the lunch break we will go for another few hours of hunting before heading back. In total we will walk 5-8km in the woods subject to your preference and prevailing conditions.

Grouse hunting is slow paced, but active hunting. We will walk in the woods with all our senses open hoping to find and when feasible shoot a grouse. Due to strict hunting and firearm regulations in Finland, guide will be doing the hunting, however you will be walking alongside the guide and be part of the excitement.

Target species are most common grouses in southern Finland, black grouse, capercaillie and hazel grouse. Should you want, we can take a young Finn Spitz (Finnish national dog breed) with us to help finding the birds. But remember, we are after wild game so catch is not certain at all, however a memorable day in wonderful Finnish forest is certain. And that is the thing

Should you have hunting license in your home country, and want to hunt yourself, please do not hesitate to message me so that we can customize a memorable trip for you (which can also be further north).

Hunting culture in Finland dates to pre-historic era and is still integral part of Finnish culture, with more than 300,000 hunters annually pay for the hunting card. Hunting is strongly regulated in Finland, however game management and game population monitoring is unique in Finland. Game population has been monitored annually since 1980s and the annual permits will be based on the annual calculations reports to keep the game population at healthy level.

About Olli-Pekka - the Doer

I'm Olli-Pekka, a 32 year-old Finn who has lived in Finland, Denmark and UK, soon to graduate as a wilderness and hunting guide. Love to be outdoors and can't get enough of the Finnish wilderness.


We will be walking in the woods 5-8km outside of the trails, so good shoes (hiking boots or such) are strongly recommended (I can rent out few sizes) and decent physical shape is required. Also outdoor clothing is recommended.

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