Local pub tour: Finnish for lads and gals

Visit a few local pubs and hear stories about Tampere

Tampere, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
8 spots per experience

What are we going to do

In this tour we will visit pubs and avoid churches. Or actually there will be stories about at least one church and other interesting places, but the stops are in some local pubs. The tour starts from Tampere centre and ends to Tammela via Armonkallio, to provide different view to Tampere history and locations. You will be offered as much or little local knowledge you whish. And, of course, you'll have a change to enjoy beer or other refreshments during the pub stops.

About Juha - the Doer

I like bars and pubs. I also like history and meeting new people. I thought of combining these three things and give visitors a chance to see a couple of pubs that might not be the first ones that pop into your way. While doing this light pub roll, I can share what I know about Tampere, Finland and history. I'm a 4th generation local and thus might know something you don't know yet


There will be some walking included, about 3 kilometers total. However, there are also three stops (bars), so the walk is split in three around 1 km parts. In some parts there is up and down hill, but every part should be mainly accessible for wheelchairs also.




Oli mukavaa ja hauskaa, uusia asiota opittiin vaikka toinen meistä on Tamperelainen. Kiitos hyvästä opastuksesta, historiallisten paikkojen tuntemuksesta. Suosittelen!
Juha Juha Kiitos kaunis. Oli kiva tutustua!

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