Watercolor painting

Paint with watercolors and free your inner artist

Tammela, Finland
Available in Finnish
2 hours 30 minutes
4 spots per experience
January - November

What are we going to do

First I want to welcome You to my home in Tammela where we start to speak with colors. Somebody likes red, blue, violet or yellow. It's ok. Then we take paintbrushes, open our minds and creativity. After moments we are almost masters.
I will demonstrate and guide You with different tecniques.

Explore an art moment with Your spouse, friend or gather a small group maximum of four and try something new.

About Auli - the Doer

My name is Auli I live in a beautiful municipality of Tammela is sothwestern part of Häme county, Since I was a little girl I have loved to draw. Now I am 72 years and it is still important to me.

I am retired and now filling my days with small domestical house works, gardening, nature walks, friends and different cultural hobbies. Among others I am a member of local artist association Kuhankosken Kilta ry. I am also a local tourist guide and allways more than happy to introduce our beautiful Forssa region to the visitors.


You only have to open Your mind.

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