A Lantern Hike through the hidden side of Tallinn.

History hike with oldschool oil lantern.

Available in English and Estonian
2 hours 30 minutes
20 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Enjoy a sense of the past in a guided walking tour to one of Tallinn’s less visited locations. Go to the Kopli suburb with an exciting history and dubious reputation, check out the former industrial district of Kalamaja that is now a hipster’s paradise or wonder out to infamous soviet-era community of Lasnamäe.

About Lantern Hikes - the Doer

Lantern hike is nontraditional guided tour through history of Tallinn. It is held in the evenings with 19th century style oil lamps. If you are keen on seeing outside tourist sites, to learn about history of Tallinn and visit abandoned suites, about which even locals don't know so well or woudn't tear to enter on their own, then its an experience for you. According to selected route, we will bring you either to old madhouse, abandoned soviet military base, underground tunnels of Russian Empire or slum areas with criminal history.

Our most popular routs are:
- Kopli, a suburb with horrifying reputation.
Kopli is the area of Tallinn which has glorious industrial history, but which gain in 90s reputation as the worst ghetto of Tallinn. A place where nobody wanted to end up and many people even didn't dare to enter. Nowadays its safe, especially in a group. So, let's discover all the history.

- Pirita, monastery and soviet military base side by side.
Probabaly all visitors of Tallinn have heard about medival Pirita monastery. But do they know, how nuns live nowadays and what are the reasons, they have decides to become a nun? During our hike we will discover all this. But not only - not far from monastery, there is old abandoned soviet military base with huge underground catacombs. We will visit both of the sites and on the way will also hike in Pirita nature.

- Seewald, a madhouse since 19th cenurty.
Seewald is old summer manor, in which there has been a madhouse since end of 19th cenurty. During our hike we gonna visit the site, but also talk about summer manors of Tallinn and the suburbs around them in general. Also will talk about stories which have took place in madhouse.

- Maardu, back to Soviet times.
Not far from Tallinn, there is a town called Maardu. Its a great destination for traveling back to Soviet environment. We will get a great overview of Soviet architecture and a life of monofuctional Soviet town, both in Soviet times as well as nowadays.

The hike is provided as pre ordered tour on your selected time and day. The price for 1 to 20 people is 300€, over that 15€ for each participant.


Suitable boots for walking on landscape.




Really cool tour! Such interesting stories, facts, buildings and sometimes spooky places as well.


It was both amazing and exciting tour. I will certainly attend for your other tours also!


This tour was one the most exciting tours I have ever been to. Thank you!
Thanks Mihkel, you are an awesome storyteller! And what a route!