DIY - because you can!

Let your creativity fly and DIY

Available in English and Estonian
3 hours
2 spots per experience

What are we going to do

You might have seen from Youtube that hands can be amazing and useful things. There are thousands of DIY videos there in which supposedly regular people make actual things with their hands.

I have great news for you. These people really are normal and these things do actually exist! If you have ever found yourself thinking that you could use your hands for something, visit me and experience making an awesome decorative pillow, t-shirt, long skirt or pet toy from the scratch! I have a small studio where we can turn your ideas in real things.

About Anna - the Doer

Crafting has been my thing since I was a little girl. My friends and I played with Barbies and my Barbie always owned a sewing studio where everyone could come to buy and order clothes. Today, I have a Master’s degree in Arts and Crafts and I have written three DIY books – crafts is both my hobby and my work.


I have a lot of different fabrics and tools in the studio (and trust me, if I say I lot, I mean it), but it would make the crafting part easier if the thinking part was done beforehand. Please let me know about your ideas and wishes ahead of time so that I can arrange all necessary materials (which you are asked to pay for). My studio is located 25 kilometers from Tallinn, if needed, I will be happy to pick you up from the city.