Co drive with Lada VFTS rally car!

Try racing as a co driver!

Available in English and Estonian
30 minutes
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Racing yourself is one thing but sitting next to an experienced pilot - that really is something else!

The co drive takes place in LaitseRallyPark, on our 2,3km tarmac/gravel double track (super special stage). This offer is for one person, for one 2,3km lap.

Racing car will be old Lada VFTS rally car.

The co drive itself lasts around 2 minutes, but together with choosing a helmet and sitting inside you may plan up to 10 minutes for one person. When there is a group of 10 persons the duration is up to 1h.

About LaitseRallyPark - the Doer

LaitseRallyPark has been growing for more than 10 years and continues to develop further. From the initial idea of a place for professional racers to practice and building a track for own use it has now become the greatest car themed adventure park in Estonia.

LaitseRallyPark is a great combination of several racing tracks for training and entertaining, rooms for seminars and events. That of course is meant for people of all ages!


We suggest you to wear comfortable clothes.