Café Tour

Explore Tallinn's coziest cafés

With Carmen

Available in Finnish, English and Estonian
2 hours
5 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Do you like cake? If yes, you are going to love Tallinn! We will go to my favourite cafés in town. We can choose one place and enjoy a luxurious piece of cake or visit 2-3 cafés and really explore the local cake culture.
If there are several people in the group, everyone can choose a cake to share so you can try even more flavours.
Forget your diet, let's have some delicious cake and a nice cup of tea or coffee! You will walk it off anyway :)

About Carmen - the Doer

You know this Julia Child quote "A party without cake is just a meeting"? This is what my friends know me by.
I go to cafés with my friends to catch up or alone to treat myself and enjoy the moment. I used to bake a lot myself but nowadays there are so many beautiful cafés full of dreamiest cakes. I would like to show you all of these but even I cannot eat all the cake I would like to.


Be ready to eat some cake. Take a little money for your own drinks.



Carmen was very nice but we had hoped for more of a tour rather than just sitting at a cafe with someone new. Perhaps some interesting information about the cafe or the building it is in, why you chose that specific cafe, which types of cake are traditionally Estonian or Russian, when those sorts of cakes would be eaten and so on would be interesting information to offer. I would recommend taking people to three cafes and having one specific thing at each cafe (sharing is great). Perhaps one cafe with great coffee, one with excellent treats and one with a perfect cozy atmosphere. It was a bit weird to go to cafes to just look inside and not stay so maybe if you only go to one cafe just offer suggestions for other additional cafes to visit at a later time (no need to stop by each one).


We had a delightful afternoon with Carmen! She showed us her favourite cafes in Tallinn and we shared three different Estonian style cakes in the last one. So good... Thanks to Carmen I knew where to have my coffee next day.