Exciting BMW rally awaits you!

Try racing for yourself!

Available in English and Estonian
30 minutes
50 spots per experience

What are we going to do

LaitseRallyPark offers you a very popular BMW race!
It is exciting, filled with adrenaline and for sure a lot of fun!

Racing takes place on a 2.3km tarmac/gravel double track (super special stage) and minimum amount of laps is 2 (one for warming up and second as a race). Briefing on safety precautions is done before every single race and after getting instructions everyone needs to sign a statement of liability.

The offer 60€ per person is for 2 laps. The price includes double track, BMW rally car and helmet rental, safety briefing and marshals on the track. You may buy more laps on spot than just 2 to get a chance to race longer and have more fun and excitement!

Time duration: we can arrange the races 2 cars on the track at once. Up to 6 persons rally (2 laps for each) takes around 30-40 minutes, for the group of 20 persons you should consider around 2h, 40 persons around 4h and so on.

Racing is possible in any weather conditions all year round. Depending on the weather we will change the tires of our rally cars.

For racing please book the track before coming!

See you in LaitseRallyPark!

About LaitseRallyPark - the Doer

LaitseRallyPark has been growing for more than 10 years and continues to develop further. From the initial idea of a place for professional racers to practice and building a track for own use it has now become the greatest car themed adventure park in Estonia.

LaitseRallyPark is a great combination of several racing tracks for training and entertaining, rooms for seminars and events. That of course is meant for people of all ages!


Racer should wear comfortable and weather proof clothes. Since pedals may situate inside rally car very close, it is recommended to wear narrow footwear.

For racing on any of our tracks it is not mandatory to have driving licence (we expect you to have primary driving skills), but we only let race the ones who have not been drinking any alcohol before the race! In case of any doubts our instructors may check the result.

To lower the risks in the event of a car crash it is possible to buy risk reduction service as an extra on spot, but usually it is taken by the groups. The service would operate in the same way as a casco insurance and would cost 150/100 EUR for all group sizes. Your personal liability would be a maximum of 1500/3000 EUR. If you decide not to use the service your personal liability would be a maximum of 12 140 EUR. We promise that the race will be fun and adrenaline charged if all the racers act responsibly.