Finnish Lake Saimaa lifestyle experience

Experience the Finnish lifestyle at Saimaa lakeside villa

Taipalsaari, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
4 hours
3 spots per experience
Regular price: 120 €
Children: 60 €

What are we going to do

Enjoy the tranquillity of Finnish nature, do nothing, "oleile", as we say in Finnish, and be happy on the terrasse or pier, or learn to row a boat or pick some berries with the Karelian hostess. A modern picturesque villa in an exclusive location by Lake Saimaa awaits you. The year around livable two-story house with a beautiful garden is hidden by birches and tall pines. There is a gorgeous view from a covered terrace to crystal clear Saimaa and a white sand lakeshore to enjoy. Besides finding your inner calm, you can experience a wood-burning lakeside sauna and dip into the lake from its covered terrace and pier. The relaxing afternoon can include swimming, rowing, fishing, picking blueberries or mushrooms, hiking or spotting birds.

During the four afternoon hours at the Blueberry villa, you can be left alone in a comfortable spot of your choice, or you can explore the garden or spend some time with the hostess in her normal daily activities. The magic forest around the villa supplies blueberries, chanterelles and the woods to warm the house and the wood-burning sauna. The ecological lifestyle includes a biodiverse garden with vegetable patch. Many birds live in the birdhouses, and a swan couple returns annually.

If you like, you can get an introduction to Finnish Mid-Summer traditions in the summer, pick wildflowers, and turn them into a headband or lucky charm to sleep under a pillow during the midsummer night. Wild strawberries are also to be gathered into a hey-straw, an excellent option for children.

Also, during the summer and early autumn, you can get an introduction to Finnish gathering culture by picking blueberries in the forest around the lake, followed by cooking blueberry pie and eating it with tea/coffee.

In the autumn, you can get an introduction to Finnish gathering culture by lingonberry picking in the nearby forest, followed by lingonberry pie preparation and eating with tea/coffee.

Alternatively, during summer and autumn, you can get introduced to Finnish gathering culture by chanterelle mushroom picking in the yard or in the nearby forest, followed by quiche preparation and eating with tea/coffee.

During the winter, you can get an introduction to Finnish traditions by trying out snow shovelling, making a snowman and snow lantern from snowballs, and putting a candle burning inside it or a readymade ice lantern in the yard.

In March – April, you can get an introduction to Finnish Easter traditions by making a good luck whisk of willow branches, which you can take home. All participants will get a surprise chocolate egg.

Your 4-hour afternoon of relaxation will include one or two of the following activities of your choice:
- Introduction to Finnish sauna culture by warming the wood-burning sauna and preparing the birch whisks for the bathers.
-Rowing trip, including fishing option. You will learn to row and find the fishing worms the traditional Finnish way.
- An introduction to Finnish gathering culture and baking or alternatively only baking a pie or local delicacies Karelian pies or Christmas cookies – gingerbread men with a wide variety of shapes and enjoying them with tea/coffee.
- A walk around the village neighbourhood and discussing surroundings, traditions, plants and lifestyle.

The activities may have to be altered for the weather conditions.
Additionally, depending upon the availability, you can extend your stay for further activities or join the hostess horseback riding at the next-door stables if you like. There is a cosy Kannuskylä horse stable with friendly horses and gorgeous nature trails across the field.

About Mirka Kristiina - the Doer

I am a native Karelian from Lake Saimaa who has returned after twenty years in the USA and Asia. After living in metropoles, I cherish peace and calm I find here. I helped my father to build this Blueberry villa when I was young and have spent many holidays here during my years abroad. I am a writer and a lecturer, besides working in tourism. There is no other place in Finland where I would have moved back but Lappeenranta and South Karelia region.
There is a saying about the Karelian characteristics: You have more fun at a Karelian funeral than at a Tavastian wedding. We are the happiest Finns.
My novel All that is yours can be found at Amazon.


You should be dressed comfortably and wear shoes suitable for walking in nature if you wish to explore the surroundings. For swimming, please bring a swimsuit and your desired cosmetics products for the sauna. The sauna will have towels and basic washing products for hair and body. There will tap water from the villa's dwell available at all times to drink. If you choose the baking activity, coffee and tea will be offered, but if you wish to have additional soft drinks at the villa, please bring them with you.

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