On the tracks of the European Elk

Discover the taiga forest and the elk, largest deer in Europ

Taiga Spirit, nature and wildlife experiences, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and French
2 hours
4 spots per experience
May - September
Regular price: 85 €
Children: 45 €

What are we going to do

On The Tracks of the European Elk

The Wild Taiga region in Kainuu, North Eastern region of Finland, invites nature enthusiasts and nature photographers to the evergreen taiga forests to look for the European Elk (Alces alces). The best season for watching elks is in May to mid-August and September while the autumnal array of striking color (ruska) is just starting through to the end of September. You take at dawn or dusk a 2-4 hours guided safari to meet this impressive mammal - the sound of them in the dusk create a special atmosphere. On the tour you might also see the rare Wild Forest Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus fennicus).

About Sabrina - the Doer

Originally from France, it has been 20 years that I move to Lentiira and work as a wilderness/wildlife guide . Step by step build my own business and enjoy wildlife around us. Learning is never done with nature and animals which make it interested to observe and learn from it. Let the nature guide you!


Observation is done mainly from the car, so normal physical condition is requested.
Warm clothes and shoes, mosquitoes repellant, gloves, hat.
Camera and binoculars
In September it is important to wear dark green or dark clothes.




Merci Sabrina pour cette belle et unique expérience. Grâce à toi j'ai pu réaliser un rêve ! Deux gloutons et deux ours, un milan noir. Merci encore, j'ai hâte de voir les photos ! 🤗

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