Bear watching at Lentiira

Watch a wild bear in the taiga forest from a comfortable hut

Taiga Spirit, nature and wildlife experiences, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and French
16 hours
4 spots per experience
May - October
Regular price: 145 €
Children: 65 €

What are we going to do

The Brown Bear and other rare animals such as the wolverine (Gulo gulo) and sometimes wolves, can be viewed from our specially designed hides. Watching hides are equipped with comfortable viewing chairs, sleeping places and dry toilets. For the photographers the site with its smaller photo hides offers excellent photographing opportunities.

The hides are situated close to the Russian border in Kuhmo area.
14.00-14.30 Arrival to the meeting point
Information about the hides, bears and safety
Walk (less than 1 km) to the hides with the picnic packet, camera and binoculars.
07.00-08.00: we come back after an interesting observation night

- use of alcohol not allowed
- be quiet, and enjoy the sound or the silence of Finnish taiga forest.
- no smoking in and around the hides
- no flash and turn off AF illuminator ( assist lamp)
- stay in hide the duration of the trip even we see the bears we will stay until morning in hide, all night, there is toilet inside.
- follow the information and rules given by the guide.
Notice timing changes in march, april and september, october.

Price includes:
- One night in a hide
- Refreshment and sandwiches in the hide
- Sleeping bag

About Sabrina - the Doer

Originally from France, it has been 20 years that I move to Lentiira and work as a wilderness/wildlife guide . Step by step build my own business and enjoy wildlife around us. Learning is never done with nature and animals which make it interested to observe and learn from it. Let the nature guide you !


Please inform at booking for any allergies or special diet .
Notice that alcohol and smoking is not allowed during the excursion.
To maximize chance to observe wildlife : to be quiet, minimize noises, speaking and movements is essentials.

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