Tahko landscape tour

Experience the nature of Tahko with an authorized local guid

Tahko, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours 30 minutes
15 spots per experience

What are we going to do

On a walking tour of Tahko, you will see the area’s varied natural landscapes and learn about Tahko’s story. You will hear how a small rural village developed into one of Finland's most significant year-round tourist centers, and find out how Tahko got its name. During the walking tour you will also encounter Tahko's mammoths in the most surprising places possible.

The course of events:
-The hiking trip starts in the center of Tahko at the foot of Myllykivi, from where we head through Tahkolahti to the longest stairs in Finland leading to the top of Tahko. After ascending the 1054 steps and 800 meters above Tahko, the vast scenery of Lake Finland over Lake Syväri opens up in front of us. Throughout the journey we hear stories related to Tahko's history, present and future.
-We continue our journey on the ridge of the slope, sometimes in the middle of the forest, sometimes admiring the lake scenery. At the viewpoint, we will enjoy the refreshing spring water of Tahko.
-The hike culminates in the scenery of the Mäkiauto gorge, where we walk along long trees and stairs. On the way back we fold along the slope via a pontoon bridge back to the starting point.

Round length:
During the 2.5-hour tour, we walk about 4 km.
We can also walk along the plain without going up the stairs of Tahko. In this case, the duration of the round is about 1.5 hours.

Group price 135 € incl. VAT.
For a smaller group 35 € / person incl. VAT.

About Tiina - the Doer

I have worked as a guide for almost 20 years in the Nilsiä and Tahko areas. Tahko’s landscapes and nature pulsate and empower me over and over again. I want to share that feeling and stories with other people who are visiting Tahko.

I also belong to the Northeastern Savo's guide association and together with other guides we carry out tours in all areas of Northeastern Savo.

Read more on the Northeast Savo Guides website: www.koillissavonoppaat.nettisivut.fi


Take into account varying weather conditions. Bring at least shoes suitable for hiking, as well as a backpack with a water bottle, raincoat, sunscreen or other essential equipment.

The experience can be carried out according to your wishes, either on flat ground or in case the soil is unfrozen, we can ascend the slopes along the Stairs of Tahko!

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