Night in KIDE Hotel by Iso-Syöte

Spend a night in active hotel in the middle of nature

Syötekylä, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
24 hours
2 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Our hotel is in the heart of the award-winning Iso-Syöte ski resort, leaning to the Syöte National Park. With us, you will enjoy the best experiences the area has to offer. Our brand-new hotel features functional and beautiful Scandinavian style rooms, each having a kitchen and a balcony facing to breathtaking fell scenery.

Activities such as skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing on the crisp mid-winter days blush your cheeks and give you a hit of arctic excitement. Nature will take you to another world. The pale midday sun at day, and a sky full of stars at night, or if you get lucky, the auroras.

Imagine the red midnight sun shining over the lakes and fells of Iso-Syöte. Summer is the time to enjoy the endless days, the radiant green wilderness and the berries, mushrooms, fish, and other nature delicacies. Wonder around in the exquisite wilderness by foot, bike, or canoe. You can also try the new Bike Park in the fell of Iso-Syöte.

About KIDE Hotel - the Doer

We love nature, the national park, and the fells, forest, streams, and lakes in it. Hence we do our most to keep it clean and green(and white) for years to come.

Our rooms stay warm with geothermal heating.
Our hotel restaurant Tovaglia is located in KIDE Hotel and you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Menu is delicious and tasty, influenced by Italian flavors.
All our kitchen taps, dishwasher and bathroom utensils are new and meet water- and energy-saving standards.
All our toiletries are refillable.