Bear night in Martinselkonen

Spend an unforgettable bear night in the Wild Taiga forest.

Suomussalmi, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
15 hours
10 spots per experience
May - August
Regular price: 150 €
Children: 75 €

What are we going to do

Brown bears are night animals that like to move during the dark hours. Luckily Finnish summer nights are very bright, so you can see bears and even take pictures during this excursion. Spend a night in Martinselkonen bear hide watching and photographing these majestic forest animals.

We will leave to the hide at 16 from Martinselkonen Wilds Centre. We drive by car shortly and then nice 1,5km walk deep inside the forest. The hides are located just next to Russian border.

There is 2 comfortable hides. One for 12 and one for 9 persons. Both hides has one seat and photography hole per person and bunk beds for sleeping. Own sleeping bag is recommended to bring, but you can also rent a clean bag from our Centre. The hide has also dry eco toilet.
Hide has no electricity or running water.

The guide is with you in the hide. He will tell you about the bears seen. Usually we see 10-20 bears from this hide every night. This is also the best place to see bear cubs. Sometimes in the early morning hours we have also seen wolverine.

Light evening snack is included to the price. This includes: coffee, tea, biscuits and sandwiches.

Return from the hide next morning about 7 am to the Martinselkonen Centre.

About Martinselkonen - the Doer

Martinselkonen Wilds Centre is the first commercial bear watching company that started 1995. We have a long experience working with the bears as well as nature photographers. We have been really lucky with the bears and we see several bears in all our excursions. We love to show these magnificent animals to our clients.


You need to walk 1,5km of forest trail to the hide. No smoking or drinking alcohol during the excursion. Please wear clothing suitable for the weather and forest conditions. You can use mosquito repellent.

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