Outdoor voluntary work

Get involved in real Finnish outdoor spirit

Sulkava, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Spanish
5 hours
20 spots per experience
Regular price: 15 €
Children: 10 €

What are we going to do

Finnish outdoor spirit puts together people with great attitude of getting any type of work done!
Planting trees, cutting logs for a fireplace, spreading fishing nets, cleaning the roadside, building a sauna. Whatever is in your mind, or mostly in mine, we will do it! Fell Finnish SISU!

We want to think green! And eat green! The most tasteful meal is cooked byt the host.

About Karoliina - the Doer

Living abroad and in our capital city my hectic life before made me stop and look a nature around me. It is amazing. Silence nearly hurts my ears. But I love it.
Living inside the worlds most clean nature with diversity and hearing birds to sing is one of the most wow-experience a person can experience. Come and join me and we gonna share it!


SISU! (google it)
Happy face
Enough clothes (no matter if its snowing or raining men)
Good spirit to know people
Bathing suit for sauna

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