A romantic surprise in Strasbourg!

Surprise your loved one with a romantic experience!

With Annika

Available in Finnish, English and French
2 hours
2 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Imagine walking in a park with your loved one and as if by magic stumbling on what looks like a setting from a romantic movie date: a blanket on the ground, candles and a small table with two glasses and a bottle of bubbly. Now think of her/his face upon realizing that it's meant for the two of you and that you were behind it all!

I will take care of it all and all you need to do is to let me know your preferences as to when and where you want the experience to happen (I have great suggestions) and what food/drink you would like to have. Included in the price you have the choice of two options:

Option 1. "Salty" (good for "apéritif"): A bottle of crémant, a bowl of dried fruit and nuts and Alsatian mini-Pretzels.

Option 2. "Sweet" (good for "dessert"): A bottle of crémant, macarons and strawberries.

Don't hesitate to contact me should you wish to customize your experience, I would love to help you bring a smile on your loved one's face. And on yours too! :-)

About Annika - the Doer

I'm an incurable romantic! I love surprises and would love to help you plan a wonderful one for your significant other! I will make sure that the details are exactly as you'd like for an evening you'll remember!

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This experience will take place outdoors. I will provide you with cozy blankets in case the evening is chilly, but make sure your loved one will not be cold (maybe discreetly pack a sweater..?).



Annika has interesting historial stories, some of them are pretty weird also! Alsace has fascinating history!


My jaw kept dropping during the tour, and the most shocking story happened just 5 minutes from my apartment! I'll never see the city in the same way anymore thanks to Annika :)


It was so nice to see the big smile on kids face when they found the treasure!


What a lovely tour! Fun yet knowledgeable, the kids did deserve their treasure :)


I really liked it! Annika was a very good guide, and I learned a lot (Julia, 7 years)