Morning jog in Strasbourg

Start the morning on a scenic run with me

Available in Finnish, English and French
1.5 hours
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Join me on a morning run in my beautiful hometown. We will start off in the old town, run at a leisurely pace along the canals all the way to the European institutions, admiring the beautiful scenery in a city that is waking up. We might stop and stretch a little bit as we admire the majestic storks who are looking for food during the calm and the cool morning hours. We will cover about 5-6 kilometers (or more if you wish!) which will give an amazing start to your day and an idea of what Strasbourg is all about.

About Annika - the Doer

I'm a Finn who loves traveling. Whenever I arrive in a new city one of my favourite things is to go for a morning run and get a feel for the place without the hustle and bustle. This is what I've done on many mornings in Strasbourg since I moved here 4 years ago and I'd love to take you along and show you what I've discovered!


Good running shoes and water!


This whole experience was like from a romantic fairy-tail! I wanted to surprise my loved one and this picnic was a perfect way to do it. Annika was from the very beginning very attentive and she made a huge effort to accommodate all my requests. She found for us an excellent picnic spot and the setting and decoration was just perfect for a couple! Every single detail was well-thought and planned. The sparkling wine was cold and crispy and the strawberries fresh and tasty. We had a very romantic and unique experience. I get cold easily and it was wonderful that Annika had provided some blankets to wrap oneself into. Annika really knows how to take care of her customers and make them feel comfortable. I am tempted to do this soon again...
I really liked it! Annika was a very good guide, and I learned a lot (Julia, 7 years)
What a lovely tour! Fun yet knowledgeable, the kids did deserve their treasure :)
It was so nice to see the big smile on kids face when they found the treasure!
My jaw kept dropping during the tour, and the most shocking story happened just 5 minutes from my apartment! I'll never see the city in the same way anymore thanks to Annika :)