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Stadtinformation Moers, Germany
Available in English and German
7 hours
2 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Getting ahead quickly without much effort – that's exactly what you will experience with one of our e-bikes. The e-bikes therefore offer the perfect opportunity to explore Moers in a pleasant and relaxed way. After you pick up your e-bike from us, there are no limits to you and you can explore Moers the way you like. To help you explore the city, we have a comprehensive information package at you. On the routes, we introduce you to numerous sights, unique experiences of nature and many beautiful corners of the city.

About MoersMarketing GmbH - the Doer

MoersMarketing has been actively involved in urban development since 2008. With event concepts, marketing strategies and service coordination, the strengths of the city of Moers and its institutions are developed, defined and communicated. MoersMarketing GmbH is also responsible for the operational business within the Citizens and Tourist Information Office of the City of Moers. Here you will find a variety of interesting brochures, different cycling maps, numerous merchandising articles from Moers as well as tickets for many events in Moers.

MoersMarketing GmbH takes care of this site's marketing but is not responsible for the content nor selling the experiences.
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