Wild herb pancaces with campfire coffee

Collect wild herbs to your pancakes

Somero, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 30 minutes
6 spots per experience

What are we going to do

We get to know the most common easily recognizable delicious wild herbs. We walk in organic fields, in a wild garden and in the Kummajainen nature reserve. At the end of the trip, we will fry the pancakes seasoned with the collected wild herbs and make campfire pan coffee in Huhtalaavu!
After this experience, you will know the effects of different wild herbs and how you can use them when cooking yourself.

About Päivilli - the Doer

I Päivi Eronen, I'm a trained biologist, mushroom and director hortateacher.

I run a variety of courses that are safe to come to, even if you’ve never used wild herbs or mushrooms before, you’re sure to learn to use at least a few wild herbs or mushrooms in everyday cooking and you can enrich your diet and save a long penny on your meal. You should enjoy health directly from nature!

My vision is to teach people how fun, easy and cheap it is to add flavor and color to food. Especially if you pick your wild herbs and the mushrooms themselves get a nice useful exercise in nature, which stimulates the brain and body to function better. At the same time, you get a real dose of good resistance to natural microbes that have been studied to have an effect even on your mental health!

In the 1980s, I studied ecology and environmental protection at the University of Jyväskylä, where I graduated in 1991 as a biologist. I was already very interested in the use of wild herbs and mushrooms during my studies, and when I did my master's degree in flying squirrels, I lived in the forest for almost that time, feeding myself on natural resources. I still use the recipe of my study times in my daily life!

My instructions utilize my North Karelia heritage with modern hortatwist! I have previously developed even a new product based on the Karelian pie tradition. May I introduce you to Hortsina? www.paivilli.com

After graduation, however, my path took me elsewhere and to other kind of work. My husband and I kept a small dairy farm for over 25 years. Now you can take advantage of my years of experience with natural gifts.

Still living on land and enjoying nature
with love Päivi


Clothes according the weather




Ihana kesäilta idyllisessä maalaismaisemassa! Seuraavana aamuna heti ratamo- ja vuodenkukkalisukkeet aamiaisleivälle :) Kiitos!
Päivilli Päivilli Kiitos, ihanaa kun olit mukana! Tervetuloa syksyllä sineikurseille!


Ihana, rentouttava retki todelliseen maalaisidylliin! Sain paljon uutta tietoa villiyrteistä ja niiden käyttömahdollisuuksista - nyt vain soveltamaan! :) Kiitos!
Päivilli Päivilli Kiitos 💚!

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