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DIY: Facial care serum/treatment oil

Somero, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
2 spots per experience

What are we going to do

You are welcome to my home, the rural landscapes of Häntälä.
You get to know Young Living's diverse products. Among other things, essential oils, which you can combine to create a product that suits you.
You will experience a rustic, cozy and sensory-stimulating environment as soon as you enter the door.
We start with the coffee or tea and think together what kind of essential oil blend is just right for your face. The supply of essential oils is huge, you can choose the ones suits you best.

We will create just the right serum or treatment oil for your skin, regardless of your age. Whether your skin is oily or dry, combination skin or you suffer from acne, we work together to create the right product for every skin type. After the winter, the skin needs renewal and moisture, Young Living oils can find a solution just for your skin.
The serum is used on the face, neck and décolté area as a base for day cream while the treatment oil is used alone to affect the face for the night. During the experience, you will also have the opportunity to explore Young Living’s other products, such as day creams and eye creams.
You can decide for yourself whether you want to make a serum or treatment oil in roll-on bottle or drip bottle.

About Simppeli Olo ja Ilo - the Doer

I am a 44-year old. Wife, mother, daughter, sister, nurse and youth counselors.
As an adult I studied to be practical nurse and economist.
The oils came into my life in the summer of 2019 when a friend told me about them.
I loved them right away🥰Fragrance, feel and ease of use.
I have found assistance from oils to mental endurance and physical ailments.


There is also two cats and a dog living in our house.
If You have an allergy and it is mild, it can be relieved with Peppermint or Lavender oil, for example.




Mukava lämminhenkinen ilta. Asiantuntevan opastusta ja vinkkejä. Vetäjän iloisuus on ihanaa ja tarttuvaa. 😊
Suosittelen todella paljon ja varmasti itsekkin osallistun uudestaan.
Simppeli Olo ja Ilo Simppeli Olo ja Ilo Kiitos Nina❣️Tervetuloa uudestaan!
Pöytä oli koreana ja herkut maistuvia! Syödessä juteltiin siitä, mille olisi tarvista. Pääsin itse tekemään itselleni silmänympärys seerumin Sallan asiantuntevalla avustuksella. Kiva kokemus, suosittelen!! :)
Simppeli Olo ja Ilo Simppeli Olo ja Ilo Kiitos Tarja❣️Tervetuloa toistekkin!

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