Hands on wool

Discover the source of wool and the secrets of felting

Somero, Finland
Available in Finnish
2 hours 30 minutes
15 spots per experience
Regular price: 20 €
Children: 10 €

What are we going to do

We start by getting to know our indigenous sheep breed. You will have the opportunity to experience the softness of wool by petting ewes and little lambs born in the spring. If you wish, you can also take the little lambs in your arms and be able to feed them. At the same time, I'll tell you about the early stages of lamb life with their mothers.

After you've petted the lambs, you will get to know the secrets of felting. The sheep on our farm are reared twice a year according to welfare conditions. I will tell you about the processing of the obtained raw wool and show how the wool is carded according to the old tradition. You can also get to know and try for yourself how wool can be shaped with warm water and marseille soap. You can create a small ball, heart or string for yourself from carded felt wool with different felting methods.

Our farm also has a Farm Shop, the diverse offer of which you can get acquainted with after the experience.

About Sari - the Doer

My sheep career started a few dozen years ago when I bought my first black Finnish sheep called Mustikka. I learned the hard way that sheep are pack animals, and I decided to get Blueberry a boyfriend. That's where it started, and at the moment there are about 100 ewes on our farm.

I've always done handicrafts, so it was self-evident that I also take advantage of the wool from sheep. I started in a felting course at the community college to learn about the traditional hand-carding of the wool I collected from Mustikka. When we had more sheep, I sent the wool to the spinning mill. At first, I knitted woolen socks, mittens and slippers from the threads. I sold them in small farmers' market. As the product range increased, it became topical to set up a Farm shop. Nowadays, in addition to knitting products, the selection includes, for example, lambs' skins and baby blankets. I also do a variety of commissioned work according to the customers' wishes. You can find our Farm shop from Facebook https://www.facebook.com/urpolantilapuotisomero and Instagram with the username @urpolantilapuoti


The Farm is unobstructed except for the Farm shop.
As we visit the pasture, you can equip yourself with changing shoes if you wish.
Please also remember to dress according to the weather.




Kiitos Sari, aivan ihana tapahtuma sateisesta säästä huolimatta! Mielellämme olisimme rapsutelleet ja syötelleet pitempäänkin.😊


Kiitos mukavasta päivästä! Pienelle kaupunkilaistytölle oli suuri elämys päästä karitsoja syöttämään :).


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