Old finnish handicraft methods

Weaving, making threads, belts etc according to ones interes

Sastamala, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
4 hours
20 spots per experience

What are we going to do

I live in a big 1800's old original country house with lots of opportunities. I am a creative photographer/teacher of photography and producer and fan of arts and everything fun and new things to do. Handicrafts are my beloved hobby since childhood. I have made carpets, clothes, baby mobile, teddy bear, decorative stuff, paintings, furniture renovations, built a hen house/hen garden, knitting, crocheting, felting, you name it... even made thread out of my cats hair with an old spinning wheel. I have lots of opportunities here to anything creative, we can take a look at the methods and ideas, think about what would You like to do and try out. We can even use materials like raven/hen feathers, cones, branches, old textiles, pearls, lake shells, snail shells... Small material fee added according to what we make. And of course you can take it with you if it's something you finish.

If you have something to teach me, we can have the time longer and I'll offer you a meal. :)
We have a places to stay over night also, if you're interested on that, just call or message me and I can tell you more. I am starting some rental and Airbnb business, but that business is on it's way to be launched, so I don't have a website for it yet.

There's something interesting here on the way when you come from Tampere airport or bus/trainstation, that you may wanna look; Pinsiö land art place with tunnels and a free fire place to use, the local cheese house, a bee farm, nature preservation area Ritajärvi and Kiviniitty kotieläinpiha (animal garden).

About Hanna - the Doer

I grew up in the north on the reindeer district. Thats why my last name is Poropudas. That is a rare name with some sapmi origin. My fathers family had reindeers (poro=reindeer) in Pudasjärvi where both my parents are from.

I was doing photography in the north after my (media)producer school and then I moved into bigger markets doing business photography and on 2014 bought my first apartment from Tampere. There was a golden hearted handyman helping me renovating the place and here we are now with our 2 year old son owning an old country house, that used to be the place to dine, party and meet up. Our neighbour had her food and B&B service here. I fell in love with the peace and quietness of the countryside and this house that no renovations had ruined. The house has been updated though, but with good style and materials.

On the end of june I established a new company that is focusing on renting either the big education studio we have here or the really old and original smoke pirtti, that is shown on the picture. I also have a guest room and a art/handicraft room. The house is totally around 300sm. We also have a luhti-aitta from 1700's and sauna about the same origin. Really rarely well preserved! Also a big wine cellar (empty though since we hardly ever drink :P ) and 1800's stable. No horses though :'( but this summer we have Hornio chickens, only few hundred of them left in Finland, originated from this region and their inheritage goes as far as the iron age, being ones of the first chickens in the country. They resist cold and illness, are personal characters and lay quite small eggs but not every day. The rooster we have is not too loud luckily and they are all very nice to people, so you can feed them (with permission so I can keep them healthy) :)

This surroundings and folk lore and folk inheritage makes me wanna learn the traditional way of living. We are for example renovating the windows the old way. Also gardening some vegetables and herbs organic way. I do yoga and exercise almost daily so that keeps me going. And planning everything new :D I always have lots of projects but I also finish at least main of them!

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