Delicious foodpackage for Outdoor hotel visitors sat-sun

Just come and enjoy, we`ll take care of you

Salamajärvi, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
2 hours
20 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Delicious foodpackage for outdoor hotel visitors.
Breakfast is included, but here you can buy all other food what you need. Dinner (sat 16-18) we serve long stewed moose meat with potatoes and honey-herb-vegetables.
Before bed time, you get evening snack warp salmon with bread, cheese and vegetables and cranberry soup.
Every meal is included with water/ juice and camp fire coffee or brewed tea

About Salamajärven luontohotelli - the Doer

It`s fun to hike, but it`s not fun to drag all the stuff. So let us take care of that.


If you have any allergies or diets, please contact us in advance.
We have alternative for every food, so we can offer vegan or glutein free etc... But only if You order them in advance.
We use disposable dishes

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