Sailing adventure and learning at the archipelago

Turku, Finland with Jasper A

Finnish, English

6 spots per experience

What are we going to do?

Welcome sailing!

Sailing suits for all: no experience needed, guide guaranteed! Day, one-night or a week voyages around the archipelago;) For families, company teams, groups of friends etc.

This is a real life "Escape Room" -Game. Challenges, awareness and practical things to learn - totally refresh to your ordinary day!

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Hey-hey-hey, can't afford the prize but still eager to try out sailing? No worries, we have a gift for you. You can 1) follow up on our facebook page (@artsailtraining) and catch those chances when we offer spontaneous sailing possibilities; or 2) ask volunteer possibilities to sail with us. Volunteer prizes are cheaper but includes some work before/during the voyage. We inform about separate volunteer days also on our facebook page.

Facilities on board:

The boat herself:

Briefly about it: we have one double-bed in common lounge/kitchen, common toilet and more private quest room (double bed) in use. Room for luggage is limited, so avoid hard-covered suitcases for example. No shower in boat, but sauna can be found on some quest harbors (additional sauna rent often 5e/visitor). Gas cooker helps us to cook on board.

Our sailing schedule is free here:

Contact and see more on us at

***Pls Note!Always send us (also) a text message on our phone. This is to ensure we got your message: we might be far out the Sea, and text message is the fastest reaching us then. ***

-capt. Ja
+358 50 4690646

Warmly welcome!

Doerz testing Lab Video Show:

Sail Learning Example "Mid-Summer Sailing" at the National Park:

More at our youtube channel & webpages. Follow us on facebook to get latest news and spontaneous sailing possibilities, separate prizes on those.

120€ person