Saimaa Bike & Boat (guided)

Experience a unique guided bike tour in the Saimaa archipela

Sahanlahti, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
96 hours
8 spots per experience
July - August

What are we going to do

While cycling in the rural and archipelago landscapes of the three municipalities, we sense the natural diversity of Lake Saimaa. Along the way, we will experience the long sandy beaches of Lake Saimaa in all their splendor, get to see life in rural areas and learn about their history. After a day of cycling, we relax and spend the night in the lake scenery. Landscapes range from field squares to forests and archipelago landscapes. Mainly, we cycle along paved roads, but some of the places to visit are guided by a sand road. During the days, we also throw ourselves into the waves of Lake Saimaa during boat trips.

During the four leisurely and varied days, we cycle a total of about 160 kilometers. During our bike tour you will get to cycle in varied landscapes, learn about geology and hear stories about local life. The package includes accommodation in a double room, 2 dinners, breakfast, boat trips and a guided tour. For an extra charge it is possible to have a single room, bike rental and transport of goods.

At the end of the cycling days, you can relax in the beach sauna and take a dip in Lake Saimaa. In the evenings we enjoy dinner together and spend the night on the shores of Lake Saimaa in Utula Resort, Sahanlahti and in the cabin of the sympathetic sauna ship Emma in the harbor of Ruuhonsaari.

Have you heard about Saimaa Geopark? Saimaa Geopark is one of the 161 UNESCO-protected Geopark areas. Each of the Geopark sites is a scenically or scientifically significant sites. Use the opportunity to explore the Saimaa archipelago and its unique geological natural and cultural sites with us!


The leisured atmosphere, magnificent archipelago scenery, exploring natural sites, boat trips and bright summer evenings on the shores of Lake Saimaa create an unforgettable cycling experience!

Day 1. Raft noise and rural landscapes (approx. 50 km)

• Departure from Vuoksi fishing park
• Imatrankoski
• Imatra - Utula
• Ruokolahti Kirkonmäki (Saimaa Geopark destination)
• Coffee break in Ruokolahti Kirkonmäki
• Utula Nature Ruokolahti (overnight stay)

Day 2. Coastlines and archipelago sceneries (approx. 75 km)

• Utula Nature
• 1.5 km long Huuhaanranta (Saimaa Geopark)
• Kyläniemi Castle - Kutvele Canal
• Cycling in the Kyläniemi archipelago
• Kyläniemi - Hurissalo (M/S Emma)
• Coffee break in Hurissalon Sale
• Coffee break Lietvesi (Saimaa Geopark)
• Stop at Pistohiekka (Saimaa Geopark)
• Overnight at Sahalahti Resort
• Opportunity to visit Tupavuori Cave, a short distance from Sahanlahti (Saimaa Geopark)

Day 3. Life of the waters (approx. 30 km)

• Sahalahti - Lintusalo
• Puumala Harbor (Saimaa Geopark)
• Stop at Norppapolku shed (Saimaa Geopark)
• Coffee break in Lintusalo
• Lintusalo - Ruuhonsaari by ferry
• Overnight on board M/S Emma in Ruuhonsaari (Saimaa Geopark)
• Possibility of a guided island tour for an additional fee

Day 4. Relaxed cruise back to Imatra

• Breakfast at M/S Emma
• Island exploration
• Cruise with M/S Emma back to Imatra

The seats for this trip are limited, so book your trip NOW!


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About Discover Saimaa - the Doer

Discover Saimaa operates from Imatra in the southern Saimaa region. Discover Saimaa is a 100% Finnish company. Discover Saimaa organizes trips and events and offers services. We organize nature adventure trips, bike rides, canoe trips, cultural cycling, etc. In the autumn we also organize mushroom and berry trips and in the winter we can be found amongst the snow activities.

Our "office" is in nature, by Lake Saimaa. Nature itself is the largest activity center, open to all of us around the year. Nature is an empowering thing; it produces strength and energy, increases well-being and broadens our minds.

In nature tourism, we implement a responsible and sustainable tourism service. We operate in an environmentally responsible manner and are aware of the effects of our own operations on the environment. We strive to manage the environmental impact and pass on awareness to others.

The founder of Discover Saimaa is Taru Kaljunen. Taru is from Imatra, on the shores of Lake Saimaa. "The nurse's work took me to the metropolitan area, where I spent 20 years. The nature experience training gave me the enthusiasm to start my own company, Tarude Travels, which took me to the French Alps and the Italian Dolomites amongst ski hiking". Coronavirus drove Taru back to her hometown. Love to homeland and the enchantment of Saimaa were the key factors behind the creation of Discover Saimaa. What would be a better place to take nature tourism than the Saimaa region.

We listen our customers with a “sensitive ear” and fulfill their wishes whenever possible. We recommend asking for customized tours and events!


Before the trip

It is in our best interest to prepare you for this trip as well as possible. We will send you an exact packing list, which we will go through with the departures. We provide information and tips on how to prepare for a cycling trip to help you feel as safe and confident as possible before leaving on a multi-day trip.

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