Lets take it easy - mindfulness in the nature and yoga

We will relax and exercise together

Available in Finnish and English
5 hours
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Sometimes we just need rest and relaxation for the mind, body and soul for even one day.

During the day, the tense and stressed body is calmed down and efforts are made to find inner joy and strength. The experience day can take place in Toivola Kievari in Rusko. It is located next to Kurjenrahka National Park in a rural setting. Here you are not disturbed by the lights of the city and you mainly hear only the rustle of the wind or the singing of birds. The distance to Turku is 37 kilometers.

Alternatively, the day can be held in Turku or in a place near Turku at a place of your choice. During the day there is a meal break and the instructor offers herbal tea on the farm for the whole time.

What does the experience gift contain?

Yoga exercise to balance the body
A moment of mindfullness outdoors in nature
restorative yoga

This is suitable for anyone who is interested in relaxation methods such as conscious presence and concentration in the present moment as well as yoga. No previous experience is required.