Forests and daily life in the border zone

Feel the everyday -little forestfarm near the Russian border

Ruokolahti, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
6 hours
4 spots per experience
Regular price: 25 €
Children: 10 €

What are we going to do

Depending on the season: gardening, planting a tree, picking berries, flowers, mushrooms. Making ”sauna-vasta”, painting the outer walls, skiing, walking in the wild woods, birdwatching, karelian baking and meeting our neighbours here in little village, just beside the Russian borderzone. don´t have to do anything here!!!! Just be...our guest! Join the original karelian hospitality

About Tea - the Doer

My grandfather moved to this village Lassila in the beginning of 1940´s with his family, from Terijoki. This is a little farm, with few fields and forests. We have three cats and a dog, no cows or horses anymore.
I have lived here all my childhood and later from the beginning of 2000´s since our family moved here, after my father died.
We love this place and unigue village. Our farm is located only few hundred meters from Russian border. Here we have a rich natural environment, beautiful forests with wild animals and opportunities to enjoy the silence and darkness of the winter or brightness and sounds of summer.
The village road ends here, so there´s not much fraffic and our grandchildren from the city also like to visit us often. In the autumn one tradition in this village is moose hunting, which I have participated since my childhood. No matter where I work - I want to spend here the rest of my life and support the sustainable development and prevent climate change in our own way.


Suitable shoes and clothes for outdoor/indoor activities, depending on the weather.

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