Northern Lights In Kuusamo

Searching best chances for seeing northern lights

Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
3 hours
5 spots per experience
November - April
Regular price: 100 €
Children: 50 €

What are we going to do

The guide's local knowledge of the best possible places for seeing and experiencing northern light in Kuusamo and Ruka region. The best part of this trip is getting outdoors and enjoying the beautiful nature of Ruka and Kuusamo. The event is happening relatively close to Ruka depending on the occurring forecast (weather & northern lights). This trip can not promise you northern lights but can give you helpful information about possibilities to see them during your stay. Here you can also get help to make your northern light pictures with private guidance. We also have some snacks and hot drinks during our trip.

About Mikko - the Doer

I am a hobby nature photographer and wilderness guide who are living my dream to see and wake up surrounded by the pure and beautiful wild. After traveling around Finland for years straight I want to share my knowledge about local cultures and places with other people. I see our nature as the most important reason for my life and I love sharing my experiences with other people. My years of experience in guiding help me to understand the needs of my customers.


As the winter and sometimes even summer are cold here so it's good to remember a few things when getting outdoors. Having proper warm shoes, jacket, gloves, and beanie are necessary on the trip as we are staying most of the time outdoors. Often seeing the northern lights is no easy work and requires some patience and waiting. Having extra clothes is always good. Normally you get first cold in your feet and hands so socks and hand warmers are good to have with you. During the trip, we are also walking for some small distances on snowy and slippery surfaces. This trip you can join with or without a camera.




Great experience with a very nice guy! Takes you to the best places where you would not go by yourself. He goes above and beyond for you. Also helped me with photographing northern lights and the stars. Thankyou Mikko for this great experience! 🎖👍🏻