Saunaboat cruise

Have a sauna and swim while cruising the scenic rivers

Lapland, Finland (Rovaniemi)
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
12 spots per experience
June - October

What are we going to do

Sail the scenic rivers while enjoying warm sauna and refreshing swim!

The tar scenting m/s Erkin Arkki has a wood heated sauna in which bathing takes place in a traditional style. You can bathe as the ferry sails and view the beautiful landscape. Depending on the season you can see the amazing midnight sun, autumn colours or the wonderful northern lights. The boat stops for a swim break; the water is refreshingly cooling during autumn time.

If a rain occurs the deck can be covered up with an awning.

The boat has towels and if needed, and warm blankets for everyone.

There is room for 12 people to dine at the table and for around six people to bathe in the sauna at a time. There are enough seats for everyone.

Water is available. You can bring your own beverages if needed. Cruises will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays during summer 2019.

About Erkki - the Doer

M/s Erkin Arkki was built in Rovaniemi in June 2015 and has been cruising the scenic rivers Ounas and Kemi below Rovaniemi all the way up to October.

The boat has CE qualification approval and it has been inspected, tested and acknowledged to be safe. The skipper Erkki has a qualification to sail the raft.






We loved the sauna boat! Great experience!


We loved the sauna boat! Great experience!