Walking with the reindeer

Experience an unique walk in the nature with friendly reinde

Lapland, Finland (Rovaniemi)
Available in Finnish and English
3 hours
8 spots per experience
December - April
Regular price: 90 €
Children: 60 €

What are we going to do

Aatu the reindeer loves his daily walks. He grew up with a dog and that's why he behaves like one too.

Let Aatu the reindeer lead you to the pure Lappish nature!
You will be walking in a forest and if possible on a frozen lake too. On your way you will learn about this iconic Arctic animal reindeer. You will see your self how reindeer find food from the nature and feel your self how thick reindeer fur coat is.

After the walk you warm your self up by open fire in our Kota, the barbecue hut, enjoying hot berry juice and snacks.

About Pia - the Doer

Aatu the reindeer is such a sweet and unique personality. He lightens up your day just being himself: sweet, curious, friendly and always ready to spend time with people.

We have been together nearly a decade and during this time he has made new friends all over world.

As an animal lover and traveller I love to spend time with happy animals in their natural habitat. This is why I decided to invite people to join Aatu for these walks we both enjoy very much.


Wear suitable clothing for an outdoor activities. We will be walking outside the roads, so wear comfortable shoes




Oikein mukava ja leppoisa kävely lumen keskellä. Tykkäsin valtavasti ❤️