Sleddog tours

Experience the thrills of driving sleddogs!

Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
8 spots per experience
120€ / person
90€ / children
120€ / students

What are we going to do

Here at Pinewood's Huskies you'll to experience the still silence of the breath-taking landscapes with our passionate sleddogs!

We provide you pure nature, rush-free quality time with sleddogs, friendly guidance and an unforgettable experience for your friends and family!

We and our dogs are looking forward to meeting you!

About Pinewoods - the Doer

We found passion working with dogs since a very young age, and as years pass by this feeling grows even stronger the more we've worked with our sleddogs.
We concider our dogs as our family, so to us their well-being is our number one priority.


Good english, moderate fitness-level and appropriate winter-clothing