Meet Lapland's nature - Forest walk and campfire

Go for a forest walk and learn about nature

Lapland, Finland (Rovaniemi)
Available in English, German, French and Spanish
3 hours
6 spots per experience
December - March

What are we going to do

We'll go for a little hike in the beautiful Lapland forest during which you will learn some secrets of the nordic nature. We go to a fireplace where I will show you the basics of making a fire. I will tell you about plants and trees, and the incredible nature we have here up north. We will enjoy the warmth of the fire and prepare some tea out of wild herbs collected on the way. We will also share some sausages and cookies.

I will pick you up at the agreed location in Rovaniemi and we will drive north to a beautiful forest area where the tour takes place. Afterwards I drive you back.

Don't forget to bring your camera!

About Chris - the Doer

I am Chris a wilderness guide in lapland. I am passionate about exploring wild nature and outdoors. I traveled Siberia, Alaska and Scandinavia and learned all the skills needed to live in remote places. I love to share my knowledge and life experience to inspire people and make the world a better place. I spent as much time outdoors as I can. Discovering new places with my dog and searching for the northern lights at night.


Warm clothes. Take your camera to make amazing pictures.


We had a really great time by hiking around Rovaniemi with Christoph. Professional and kind, we warmly recommend Naali Dreaming. We were impressed by the silence, the magical forests buried under the snow. We even saw nothernlights as we were told it would be cloudy. we'll be back : )
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