Candle Chronicles - Candle making workshop with a story.

Create your own scented candle to remind you of Rovaniemi.

Lapland, Finland (Rovaniemi)
Available in Finnish, English, Chinese and Russian
2 hours
20 spots per experience
Regular price: 88 €
Children: 49 €

What are we going to do

During our two hour workshop, you will be learning about candle history, how are they made and explore the link between scent, memory, candles and how they relate to Rovaniemi.

With a nice and cozy atmosphere, you will first hear a story about candles that will lead us to the explanation of the main materials for candle making. While learning about candle materials you will make your hands dirty and start creating. You will be guided, step by step, from choosing your own scent to hand pouring the wax into the vessel.

While we wait for the candle to cure you will personalize candle even more by creating a personalized label of the candle. Learn about candle care and how to properly use the candle, all while sipping a cup of tea or coffee and having a bite of local traditional pastries.

In the end, you will have your own scented soy candle that you get to take home as a special souvenir and a reminder of your magical Lappish holiday burn after burn.

About Elves Event - the Doer

Elves Event stands for experiences we design to make your Lapland adventure unique and engaging. We believe that crafting is the best way to create memories and joy is best shared with people you care about the most. Workshops, local pastries, hot drinks and music, make us a stop you don’t wanna miss!

In the spring of 2019, Adriana and Marko sold their house, their car and everything they owned in order to make their dream of living in Lapland come true. With their 2-year-old son and a couple of suitcases, they took a leap of faith, hopped on a plane and started a business in a society and environment they yet needed to discover.

A couple of months in, they met Dili, at a random business coffee in Rovaniemi. It was almost like love at first sight, but business-wise. They quickly became friends spending countless hours talking, laughing and sharing their love for coffee. Maybe it was all thanks to an enormous amount of caffeine, but a true business romance came to life and together they embarked on a journey of creating a path of their own. Unexplored, unpaved but very exciting.

Driven by a genuine and authentic passion to unveil Lapland’s cozier and more artistic face, while making all your creative dreams come true, we are bringing you moments that cannot wait to get crafted.