Master the art of Tiramisù and gelato

Cook top of Italian pastry in professional kitchen

Available in English, German, French and Spanish
2 hours
1 spots per experience
April - October
65€ / person
58€ / children
65€ / students

What are we going to do

Learn how to make the authentic and organic tiramisu and gelato from a professional pastry-chef in Rome city centre.
Our Tiramisu is alcohol free, suitable for anyone, gluten or lactose free are welcome.

No doubt this is the most famous Italian dessert worldwide, but wo makes the best in town?
Learn how to make a perfect artisanal tiramisu starting from baking your biscuits to the final taste.
Your tiramisu class will teach you all secrets to make this amazing and delicious sweet from the base to a step by step process in which you’ll be a chef, not a spectator.

First you’ll be introduced into the world of Gelato, tasting several amazing flavors and learning about the difference ice-cream and gelato.

Take an immersive cooking class learning the importance of choosing quality ingredients with an eye to fresh ingredients and organically produced food.

Then you’ll be provided by an apron and ready to make, with your hands, but under the supervision of a chef, your tiramisu.

This lesson will take 1.5 hour approx and will be taken in authentic laboratory of a real tiramisu shop owned by a professional Chef.
In the meantime, learn how to make water-based gelato (italian artisan sorbet) with fresh and seasonal fruit.
At the end of the lesson you’ll have samples of different versions for Tiramisu, especially your creations, and you’ll receive the recipes to make gelato again when back home.

About Gourmetaly for Food lovers Only - the Doer

I'm a foodie, sommelier and blogger. I'm founder of Gourmetaly , an eno-gastronomic agency in Rome since 2013. With a group of fantastic local foodies , we host tastings, winery visits, wine tastings, cooking classes , gelato and tiramisu cooking classes. Meet me, or my foodie-friends for an amazing immersive food experience in Rome. Tastings are customized in order to offer authentic emotions from a local view and an eye to traditions.

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