Renaissance and Baroque in Rome - private tour

Visit the Renaissance palace

Available in Finnish
4 hours
8 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Experience Renaissance and Baroque in Rome. Visit to Palazzo Altemps - with the most remarkable sculpture collection in Rome, the collection of Ludovis. This 16th-century Renaissance palace inspires you with both, the 15th century Renaissance and 17th-century Baroque art. Gallery Doria Pamphilj is one of Rome's most important privately owned palaces, with its grandiose magnificence, and its versatile unified painting and sculpture collection in its original spectacular setting.

Admission 14€ not included. Note! This tour is in Finnish only!

About Silja - the Doer

I was born in Finland, but Rome has been my home for a long time. I have decades of experience as an official guide of Rome.


Silja tuntee Rooman historian todella hyvin, ja osaa paikallisena kertoa myös elämästä kaupungissa tänään.
Silja on loistava opas Rooman historiaan! Kävelykierroksella käytiin läpi kulttuurihistoriallisesti merkittävät paikat, Siljan tarinat todella herättävät paikat eloon. Suosittelen kierrosta niille, jotka haluavat sukeltaa menneeseen Roomaan!!