Livestream wine-lover class with italian Sommelier from Rome

Monday, July 13 2020 21:30 (CEST) · 15€

Available in English · Comfortably sitting on your sofa, you will Meet a friendly Italian Sommelier online
Be ready for a virtual but social journey into the world of Italian wine.
This class will not only introduce you to the great Italian wine world, but will also teach you how to pair them
Led by a professional sommelier, this 2- hour class takes place at the Sommelier' place, where you and your group will enter virtually and directly from your sofa. Connect yourself and learn about the different kind of wine produced in Italy, how to choose the right one, how to taste it and the art of pairing with food.
Did you know Italian wines are different?
Are you able to appreciate Italian wines from different regions?
With this friendly and profiled class you'll be able to get oriented.