Jewish Ghetto food tour

Discover Roman and Jewish food and culture!!

Available in English and Italian
2 hours
15 spots per experience
Regular price: 55 €
Children: 35 €

What are we going to do

We will meet in front of the Theatre of Marcello. We will go through a medieval suburb of Rome that apparently is disappeared but in some corners you can still see it. The ruins of temples and ancient monuments like the Portico di Ottavia have been reused as a fish market that will be a scenic background of our tour!! The Ghetto is an historical suburb located in centre of Rome where the time seems to have stopped. As soon as we will pass the Theatre of Marcello, all of our senses will be captured by the aromas of the Roman-Jewish food and by the lively streets of the Jewish Ghetto!! Here we can taste the real roman cuisin where you can have a taste of different kind of food: the famous fried Jewish artichoke, humus, tanning zucchini, tabulé salad, the typical Jewish cookies, and kosher gelato!!! We will learn the different between the kosher and roman recipes even though both belong to an old roman tradition!!! You are going to visit one of the most characteristic roman suburb full of history, traditions and great food!

About Loredana - the Doer

My name is Loredana Fauci and I am president of a local association whose main aim is to help people discover the history and hidden corners of Rome and Region of Lazio. I studied as tour operator and travel consultant in USA and archeology in Italy. My passion for archeology and the dungeons of the region brought me to join an association of speleology with which I still cooperate. Plus I love good food and I like to make my own pasta, bread and pizza!!! I literally love to cook and experiments new recipes trying to preserve the genuine taste of the ingredients!
I also organize other similar tours in other area of the city and its surroundings.


This tour is a mix of food tastings and history. We will learn about the Jewish culture that over the centuries dug its roots in this suburb and mixed with the roman tradition developed a wonderful recipes as fried artichokes or tunning zucchini! You can fill up you bottle with water at the public "fontanelle romane" called "nasoni". The Roman water is the best! Bring your camera and confortable shoes!!