Catacombs and Gianicolo food tour

Eating in Rome between catacombs and Gianicolo

Available in English, French, Spanish and Italian
3 hours
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

When you begin to imagine a trip to Rome the desire is to see the Eternal City's monuments and art, but also to enjoy excellent food, discover new flavors and satisfy the palate. My aim is to give life to your dreams accompanying you on a journey that will satisfy all your senses. We will meet in a local bar for the typical italian breakfast: cappuccino and croissant. A little walk, and we will immerse ourselves in the history of two thousand years ago going down through a majestic Basilica in the catacombs dug into the tufa from the first Christians. Just in front of the Catacombs the best ice cream in Rome in a local gelateria where the owner will let you taste his ice cream that is home made every day.

About Debora - the Doer

Hi, I'm Debora, I'm a real Roman who would describe myself as cheerful and sociable. My passion since when I was born is Rome, with it's art, it's history, it's churches and all of it's most secret corners. The experience I offer you combines my passions. I would love to take you on a journey to discover hidden treasures of Rome that perhaps you would not see alone and offer to you the best Roman gelato!