Art & wine: Livestream Caravaggio’s Rome experience

In love with Caravaggio and wine history in Italy

Available in English and Italian
1.5 hours
10 spots per experience
August - October

What are we going to do

Let’s connect with us in a live-stream 1 hour storytelling that will entertain you live from Rome.
Wine and art lovers, this is your time!
You are invited to a trip back to time, a time of Popes, strangers, dangerous streets, great artists and struggle: Rome at the time of Caravaggio.
My name is Daniela and I am a Sommelier, wine historian and founder of Gourmetaly For food lovers only and I am ready to take you into a complete different dimension, learning about the amazing artist Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio, through his art, controversial lifestyle and destiny.
Discover Rome in the 1600, how it was, get involved in a unique, passionate performance about history and legends while tasting some of the wines served at the time at the table of the riches, clergy, and the common people.
Admiring faithful reproductions, we will be transported into the world of Caravaggio, his life, the importance of wine in his art and relationships, his personal and intimate mood, in a very personal and engaging way.
Let’s learn about wine in Rome, the relation of the city with the “Nectar of Gods”, let’s learn about some of the wine varieties known at that time, filling our eyes with the amazing Caravaggio’s masterpieces.

About Gourmetaly for Food lovers Only - the Doer

I'm a foodie, sommelier and blogger. I'm founder of Gourmetaly , an eno-gastronomic agency in Rome since 2013. With a group of fantastic local foodies , we host tastings, winery visits, wine tastings, cooking classes , gelato and tiramisu cooking classes. Meet me, or my foodie-friends for an amazing immersive food experience in Rome. Tastings are customized in order to offer authentic emotions from a local view and an eye to traditions.


Any device may be used and no special program is needed. An email will be sent the time of booking with login information. If you would like to interact you are welcome to activate both microphone and webcam.




Such an fun and informative lesson. Covered a lot of ground from the history of wine to how to make the most out of tastings. The workbook Daniela emailed is great too! Lots of ideas for wines I want to taste and regions I want to visit.


Offline in Finland, Online in Italy! What a great experience I just had: Livestream wine-lover class with italian Sommelier from Rome! Such a great feeling to dress up and imagine yourself going to a winery visit in Italy while sitting in your living room. I even checked the weather in Rome and dressed as I would actually be there. I would recommend this online experience to everyone who loves wine!


The lesson was very interesting and informative. It was nice to know some history and about making wine. She gave us a very good lesson and it was great fun. Love it. Thank you!


We enjoyed the novelty of the session, and learned a few things also. It was a relaxing couple of hours, Daniela is a very charming woman.
The class was too basic for anyone with knowledge of wine. It would be helpful if moving forward you shared a course outline on your website so participants could make an informed choice about the
Class. I won’t be signing up for any more
Sessions unless there is a outline. Not a good use of time nor money. Disappointing!