Finnish sauna experience at a genuine lumberjacks' lodge

Make the heating of the sauna by yourself and then enjoy

Rautavaara, Finland
Available in Finnish
5 hours
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

The lumberjacks' sauna belongs to the genuine lumberjacks' lodge that was built in the 1950s. You get the chance to make the heating of this traditional Finnish sauna by yourself. The sauna is heated with wood. It takes about 2-3 hours until the sauna is ready to be enjoyed. Finally, you can enjoy the lovely heat of this very relaxing sauna.
During the heating of the sauna you can enjoy the great outdoor surroundings of this lovely place, however, you can also take a break inside the lumberjacks' lodge's main building Metsäkämppä. There is a toilet and a kitchen in the main building.
Metsäkämppä and it's sauna are located by the lake, and you can dip into the refreshing lake water in summer. There is also a fire place outside the sauna building.
The lumberjacks' lodge Metsäkämppä is located about 1,5 km from the main building of Metsäkartano Youth Centre.
Metsäkämppä is also available for accommodation - please make a booking separately for accommodation!

About Nuorisokeskus Metsäkartano - the Doer

At Metsäkartano Youth Centre and wilderness resort we want to bring unspoilt nature closer to an ordinary person in a safe way. In pure wilderness surroundings you can experience the soothing power of nature and have a break from hectic life and work rhytm.
Come and join an adventure in the deep shades of the forest in Metsäkartano, where the air is as clean as it can get and where you really can hear the sound of silence.


Take your own towels, snack & beverages.
There is a restaurant in the main building of Metsäkartano.

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