Visit to Rauma Art Museum

Come and enjoy an array of art exhibited in a charming museu

Rauma, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
30 minutes
1 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Come and explore unique local art in the lovely surroundings of Rauma Art Museum! Marela museum is closed due to corona virus but we offer an opportunity to visit the site privately 23.-28.2.2021.

New exhibition opens 23.2.21. The exhibition is the 50th anniversary exhibition of the Rauma Art Museum and the Ars Rauma exhibition of The Artist’ Association of Rauma. The exhibition is based on local artist Kosti Koskinen’s artistic work, visual art and writings, as well as his personal archive.

The second floor of the museum features a permanent exhibition collection donated by Eino Valtonen (1890–1925). The young Eino Valtonen started building his collection after inheriting artworks from his Rauma-born uncle Alfred Kordelin (1868–1917). The collection contains works by artists of the Finnish golden era of art, including works by Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Elin Danielson-Gambogi and Albert Edelfelt, as well as some foreign works of art.

Price for the visit is 12 euros. Price includes entrance fees for two adults and their children under 18 years of age. Note! If you want to use Museum Card, please book the available time by phone +358 2 822 4346.


We follow the regulations of the city of Rauma according to corona virus. When visiting our museum site please follow the next directives. People over 12 the age of 12 should wear a mask in our facilities. Use hand sanitizer when you arrive and when you leave our facilities. Keep a distance of more than 2 metres to other people. Thank you for caring!




Our visit was a good visit 👍🤗 We visited the Museum with our friends from France, they have been living 4 months In our Air Bnb apartment.
We were proud To be able To show them Rauma Artmuseum's exhibitions and the buildings, too.
It was interesting To Get a nice cultural shower during This exceptional corona time!
Thank You!


Tosi kiinnostava näyttely. Hienoa kun kerrotaan historiaa ja taustoja. Puulaatikotkin kertoivat Kostin tarinaa.