Visit to shipowner's home museum Marela

Explore the glamorous home of a rich shipowner's family!

Rauma, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
30 minutes
1 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Explore the glamorous home of a rich shipowner’s family from the early 20th century! Marela museum is closed due to corona virus but we offer an opportunity to visit the site privately 23.-28.2.2021.

Enjoy the charming décor of the bourgeois home and immerse yourself in the life of its owners, the Granlund family. Marela’s peaceful atmosphere and visually appealing environment make you want to visit the site again and again. The Granlund family experienced its upswing during the peak of Rauma's sailing ship era in the 1890s. In addition Marela displays some special exhibitions: Rauma lace history from 1890s to 1970s and Women's work.

Price for the visit is 12 euros. Price includes entrance fees for two adults and their children under 18 years of age. Note! If you want to use Museum Card, please book the available time by phone +358 44 567 9183.


We follow the regulations of the city of Rauma according to corona virus. When visiting our museum site please follow the next directives. People over 12 the age of 12 should wear a mask in our facilities. Use hand sanitizer when you arrive and when you leave our facilities. Keep a distance of more than 2 metres to other people. Thank you for caring!

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